Top 4 Restrictions on Vancouver Apartment Moving

When it comes to Vancouver apartment moving, you’ll find that most buildings have many rules and restrictions for moving in or out. Here are the top four restrictions in Vancouver apartment moving that you must take action on before moving.

  1. Which door can we use? Most Vancouver renters believe they can simply prop open the front door and carry in their sofa, beds and boxes. Not so fast says the building.  If you prop open the door, we lose all security for the existing tenants. Plus the other residents really don’t want a fire hazard that your stuff will create.
  2. Reserving the elevator. Many people may want to move on the same day as you. Be the first to sign up to use the elevator. If the building only has one elevator, you may be forced to share it with the tenants and that is going to make your move take longer.
  3. Parking for your moving truck. Many building have loading zones but there is an equal amount that have none. I guess the builders didn’t really care about the loading and unloading of furniture. There are a few things you can do here. You can park your personal vehicle out front to hold a space or you can get a parking permit from the city for a small fee. Or you can cross your fingers there won’t be any issues on move day. As a professional moving company in Vancouver, we recommend you buy the parking permit. It is a small fee but you will save so many headaches on move day.
  4. Security. Since you will be moving, there is a likelihood that a door will be left open or unlocked. Most buildings require you to either stand beside the door or check everyone that wants to enter and deny them access unless they use the buzzer system. Some even require that you pay a fee to hire a security guard from a trusted provider of their choosing. This can end up costing you approximately $300.00 so make sure to ask about security instructions before moving in.

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Vancouver Apartment Moving  tips, photo. (Vancouve Moving Company: Ferguson Moving)

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